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Md. Tahmid

About IELTS Tahmid

I have been training people for the IELTS test, for the last five years. I specialize in helping IELTS students to get 7+ Band Score. During this period, I have helped many IELTS candidates in different countries to achieve their target Band Scores. I have been able to help my students to really develop their skills and strategies for the IELTS test from Band score 5 level to 7+ level in less than 5 months. And that’s what I am actually passionate about.

My real strength is my ability to truly understand what my students actually need. I pride myself on my reputation to create an environment of healthy competition among my students to achieve their dreams. I know you love very much to take such a challenge. What I am looking for a student who wants to add value to his/her IELTS preparation. I would like to work with this kind of student to return them with a glorious IELTS Score. IS THIS FOR WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO?


IELTS Reading

Imagine, you want to start a car race with your friend. Both of you have to reach the same destination by using two different roads. The one your friend has chosen is a straight line, but your one has many interactions, where you need to pass by a number of…

How IELTS Reading Test Paper is made?

Imagine, you went to visit an unknown place. You were walking along a highway there. Suddenly, a car came and picked you up. When the vehicle was moving forward, then you started to observe some unusual things: the driver did not say the destination of his trip. Still, as you…

Don’t expect a good score without these 5 skills

The first skill you need to learn is skimming the text. This means you have to read the text very quickly to get the main discussing points in each paragraph. Ask questions about what the paragraph is about? You would be successful when you can say this. In other words,…

Student Reviews

Kabir Hossain Aleea Jahan
Kabir Hossain Aleea Jahan Student

I am one of apprentices at IELTS Tahmid. I previously attended in IELTS, so from my experience I would say with confident that he is one the best instructors I have ever met. To be frank, he is so good at finding out in which particular areas to work & how to work.

Emran Ahmed Student

I am a proud student of tahmid sir . I have achieved my desire score . I am happy with my score which is achieved by me with short time. I will not forget your kindness.

Nehal Ahmed Sajid
Nehal Ahmed Sajid Student

I'm a student of IELTS Tahmid. Sir's teaching methods are very unique and we can easily understand the modules of IELTS.To all who are interested in taking the course of IELTS,I highly recommend you guys IELTS Tahmid.

Thahmid Hasan Anas Studnet

I did a free Ielts speaking test with Ielts Tahmid and It was just so amazing and marvellous..The feedback that I’ve got from the teacher was really helpful and very supportive. I recommend this institution to everyone and hope you will also be benefited as well.