Md. Tahmid

About IELTS Tahmid

I have been training people for the IELTS test, for the last five years. I specialize in helping IELTS students to get 7+ Band Score. During this period, I have helped many IELTS candidates in different countries to achieve their target Band Scores. I have been able to help my students to really develop their skills and strategies for the IELTS test from Band score 5 level to 7+ level in less than 5 months. And that’s what I am actually passionate about.

My real strength is my ability to truly understand what my students actually need. I pride myself on my reputation to create an environment of healthy competition among my students to achieve their dreams. I know you love very much to take such a challenge. What I am looking for a student who wants to add value to his/her IELTS preparation. I would like to work with this kind of student to return them with a glorious IELTS Score. IS THIS FOR WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO?