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I know that Completing IELTS reading test in just an hour is seriously tough business. To be frank, I had to struggle a lot when I started my IELTS journey. Most importantly, in that time I didn’t know how to read passages in the exam. Therefore, I had to ask many people about it. But, unfortunately their answers were mixed. Such answers created more questions to me than finding any effective way. However, over the period I have learned the strategies to do it most efficiently, and I have been teaching it to others since few years. Today, I will share with you these strategies.

I closely have observed that many candidates read passage from the beginning to the end intensively.

Let’s take an analogy to understand it clearly how far this method is good or bad.

Imagine a train is moving through a line which has no gaps in it. Hope, you can recall from your high school science study that under huge pressure and temperature this line will be prolapsed and the train will be derailed, and there is no doubt that it will cause severe fatality. In contrast to that if the vehicle moves through a line which has gaps in it, in other words, if  the track is made of individual parts, the train will go forward without any troubles, and can reach its destination in time.

Let us consider this theme in the case of IELTS reading…..

If a student reads the textfrom the beginning to the end without understanding the main idea of each paragraph, under huge pressure and anxiety he/she will be ended with lot of confusion. Eventually, the candidate will not get desired band score. In contrast to thatif a test taker reads the text by understanding key theme of each paragraphs -even in the extreme time limit- he/ she can confidently perform in the exam.

In conclusion: choosing the way to read passages intensively is a big mistake. It’s the path of fear, confusion and in the worst case, conceding a major debacle in the IELTS test. However, if you can identify the main difference among paragraphs, it will give you a lot of flexibility to manage time and desired IELTS band score.

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