Reading newspaper and training your brain training

1. Newspaper: Reading any materials such as newspaper, magazine, and book for one hour daily, will train your brain and eyes. As your brain gets training, your attention and focus on the reading material will increase dramatically as a result your brain does not tire in the test. Therefore, you can analyze the reading passage and question appropriately, so your answer accuracy improves a lot.   

2. Zap reading: is a website in which you can practice reading to increase the speed. There will be a blank box on this website; copy any text and paste it to the box. there will be a settings option just below the box. Set your reading speed and practice. Gradually increase the speed.

3. Mobile software: For this method, you can download “speed reading apps” on your smartphone. There is a meter in the application, so you can accelerate your reading speed by coordinating with the meter. This works really as a tonic to make your reading speed double or even (triple) than normal level. No worry! Such application is nothing hard to use, rather it’s self-explanatory

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